What is MnP?

What is Mom ‘n’ Pop Shop?

We are a carefully curated, online Talent collective providing quality and affordable marketing services for human beings with great ideas.

Why does Mom ‘n’ Pop Shop Exist?

Mom ‘n’ Pop Shop is setting out to turn the corporate world on its head – having one job, one salary and one trajectory will soon be a thing of the past.

How are you different?

How is MnP different from other freelance sites?

We connect hand-picked talent with cool companies. We provide seamless and timely payment; no extensive paperwork or contracts to get in the way of great work and we give 1% back to the network for leadership coaching and functional training.

How does pricing compare to other sites?

We don’t like to compare ourselves to other agencies or freelance sites because it would be like comparing apples and oranges. Our goal is not to be the cheapest or most expensive, our goal is to be the best. Our talent sets their own rates based on seasonality and availability. They are hand-picked and of the highest caliber so we can ensure the work exceeds expectations every time.

How do you choose talent?

How can I become talent on MnP?

We are always looking to grow the family. Send us an email to mom@momnpopshop.com and Mom will follow up with you to learn more about you.

How do you find and filter your talent?

We carefully curate and hand-pick only the best talent. We select talent that we know personally, and who are in line with our core values and have a proven track record, depth and experience in their field.

How do I hire talent?

It’s simple. All projects start by working with one of our Advisors to get clarity on your project and business needs. We’ll pull a rockstar team together and be with you every step of the way.

What can I use MnP for?

What kind of projects can be done on MnP?

Our network is currently built for brand, marketing, e-commerce, creative services and end-to-end customer experience.

Why would I use MnP versus hiring directly?

There are four main reasons to choose Mom ‘n’ Pop Shop:

  1. Reassurance: Mom n’ Pop Shop offers premium talent that is accredited by the network so you can trust the work will get done right.

  2. No Bullshit: Mom n’ Pop Shop removes the constraints of a typical agency – this means no extensive on-boarding or limited payment options, you only pay for the work, not administrative duties.

  3. Shared Value: Our network is connected by six degrees of separation. It is easy for us to grab people who know how to work together as more work surfaces. The more work you do, the more qualified your network becomes – eventually you will have a network of people who really understand your business.

How do you resolve disputes?

What happens if there are issues with the work?

If you experience issues that cannot be resolved with your talent, send an email to mom at mom@momnpopshop.com and we’ll get it sorted out.

How are refunds issued?

We do not offer refunds, however we will always make reasonable efforts to find and book comparable talent for any work remaining in your contract.

Odds ‘n’ Ends

What if I want to hire talent outside of the network?

Mom ‘n’ Pop Shop ensures talent associated with your project gets paid — you only need to pay MnP and we take care of the rest!

Do I need to issue a consultant contract?

No, you do not need to send your own consultant contract. Mom ‘n’ Pop Shop will send you a proposal, including a consultant contract to sign in order to kick start the project. It’s as easy as mom’s apple pie.

How does payment work?

50% of payment is collected upfront, 50% is collected at mid-point and full payment is collected upfront for projects 4 weeks or less.